Joel's Army

Since it is written in the Bible, most devout Christians believe that Armageddon must occur. I will now be showing you that is not true. Armageddon will occur only because believers failed to bring heaven to earth, as is our collective duty. Additionally, God will not permit the total anniliation of Israel. For that reason, Armageddon would force His hand. But realize, this is not His preferred time to return​ (proof of that my line of reasons is correct is that the Almighty birthed the newest world-wide religion, the tolerant-Bahai religion, of all places in Tehran Iran in 1844, because looking to the future God foresaw the Shittes Muslims, would be the ones who would launch Armeggedon! The Bahais are God's prophets to islam. >

In the book of Daniel it speaks of the prophet Daniel interpreting a particular prophetic dream of King Nebucanezzar of Babylon. The last portion of the King's dream speaks of an eternal kingdom that will replace all earthly kingdoms. Nearly all devout Jews and Christians have been taught that this eternal kingdom only refers to the kingdom that the Messiah will establish upon His return. 

There exists a second, lesser known school of thought, with another interpretation of the King's prophetic dream. This school of thought came out of the Vineyard Church during the 1970's. Its been coined - 'Joel's Army'.  It speaks of believers working in one accord to Christianize the world, striving to establish that eternal Kingdom on Earth, right now, before the Messiah returns. That way Jesus will return later,when the entire world is harmoniously living under obedience to God's laws. In that day, Jesus will be so pleased! When we believers have labored to wrestle the world away from satan>    
(I represent this second school of thought. But, rather than Christianizing the world I rather call it truthinizing the world) 
The Lord has revealed to me that the eternal kingdom that Nebecanezzar's dream alludes to will begin when either of the following occurs:

1- Jesus returns
2- When humanity creates a world-system that is based upon the pillars of GODLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, & TRUTH (the hardest part of this equation is getting all the devout religious people from the different faiths on the same theological page, all religious folks on the planet adhering to God's most important Truths, also possessing the knowledge of His most important mercies.  Once the truth portion has been universally accepted, the rest is do-able!  The implementation of the Fire-Challenge is God's way to fulfill the truth portion!)
If this second path is taken in time it will stop Armageddon! 
(Only the implementation of this Fire-Challenge can stop the fast approaching bloodbath in the Middle East!  For your information, rather than descending in the middle a ghastly war, Christ would much prefer to descend into a virtueous  world. A world where all believers, working together in one accord, have gone a long way to bringing heaven to earth, through yielding ourselves to the will of the Father. Also, all governments will humble themselves before Him.
   The Messiah would gladly descend into such a world. To congratulate and to rejoice with believers for working hard towards creating this better world.
Only through taking this second path do all God's devout ones, from all faiths, work harmoniously together in one accord. Without us all working together on the same side, we will never succeed in wrestling the planet away from satan. 
When we working together then we can make huge strides towards bringing heaven to earth. Taking this second path is the one that Heaven desires to manifest.